National Nuclear Laboratory

Central Laboratory

Our Central Laboratory is a £250 million state-of-the-art nuclear research facility. It is the most advanced nuclear facility in the world. Designed around flexibility and collaboration, it supports new reactor build and reactor operations as well as decommissioning, clean-up and fuel processing plants.

Part of our remit from the Department for Business, energy and Industrial Strategy is to make our world leading facilities available to the wider scientific community. Coupled with our future focussed approach and commitment to remaining at the cutting edge of nuclear science, we are proud to open our doors to academic teams from the University of Manchester and the University of Liverpool.

Doing so gives universities and students more opportunities to progress important lines of research.

Where to find us:

National Nuclear Laboratory
Central Laboratory
CA20 1PG
Telephone: +44 (0)1946 779 000

Note: NNL’s activities in its leased facilities at Springfields (Preston Lab) and Sellafield (Central Lab and Windscale Lab) are operated under Command & Control regimes by Springfields Fuels Ltd and Sellafield Ltd respectively. Activities carried out under those regimes are constrained by the relevant Environmental Permits and Nuclear Site Licences held by Springfields Fuels Ltd and Sellafield Ltd.