National Nuclear Laboratory

Tasveer Ahmed Mubasher

  • The University of Manchester – School of Chemistry
  • Academic Supervisors: Laura Leay, Samuel Shaw
  • Industrial Supervisor: Ed Butcher, Martin Hayes
  • Project timeline: Sep 2017 to Sep 2021
  • Research areas of interest: Cement and Concrete, Geopolymers, Alkali-Activated Materials
  • Academic Qualifications: Master of Engineering – Medical Engineering – The University of Manchester, AMIMechE
  • University profile, LinkedIn page, ResearchGate

Evaluation of novel geopolymer material for nuclear waste treatment

Currently, in the UK the preferred method of immobilising certain intermediate level nuclear wastes is through the use of Portland cement (blended with Supplementary Cementitious Materials (SCM’s) such as Blast furnace Slag (BFS) or Pulverised Fuel Ash – fly ash (FA)). There are challenges associated with the use of the current SCM’s because of the changes in the production, availability and certification of BFS or FA leading to problems with having a guaranteed supply with compositional and elemental consistency. So therefore, geopolymers may offer advantages over conventional Portland cement (PC) systems from a waste loading, supply and processing perspective for certain waste streams that will require treatment during decommissioning operations. In this study, the use of essentially calcium-free geopolymers derived from pure metakaolin is being investigated and explores the possibilities of using different formulations of geopolymers for the immobilisation of problematic intermediate level waste (ILW) streams.  This research will be conducted through the CINDe programme, as this allows me to be embedded within the nuclear industry while conducting the research.


Conference paper: Mubasher T, Leay L, Butcher E and Hayes M. (2018). Evaluation of Novel Geopolymer Material for Nuclear Waste Treatment. Poster session presented at NUWCEM 2018, Avignon, France.