National Nuclear Laboratory

Nuclear Plant Operations

We deliver a wide range of scientific and technical solutions to support the operation of nuclear plant and enable nuclear asset lifetime extension (both energy and propulsion).

In particular we have developed a full range of non-destructive and destructive Post Irradiation Examination techniques of fuels and reactor components to help inform our customers about optimal asset operational decisions. These include visual examination, intrusive tests, methods of remote or indirect measurement, and physical measurements.

Our knowledge base and research skills enable us to develop new, bespoke tests to meet specific customer needs.

As an operator of active nuclear facilities ourselves, we draw together knowledge and expertise from across our organisation to allow our customers to consider aspects of management and decommissioning within the design, build, and operational phases of nuclear reactors. In particular the depth of understanding in reactor chemistry, materials and corrosion enables us to advise on existing and new nuclear reactors of any scale.

In addition, by applying the skills of our specialists in data analysis, decision science, modelling, digital services and robotics, we can open up the options for our customers to achieve more cost effective lifecycle management of their assets.

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