National Nuclear Laboratory

What we do

We are leveraging the UK’s rich nuclear heritage to help solve global challenges in four strategic areas: Clean Energy, Environmental Restoration, Health and Nuclear Medicine and Security and Non-Proliferation.

At a time when society is waking up to acting on the environmental crisis our planet faces, it is impossible to overestimate the scale of the challenge ahead for the UK in reaching net zero by 2050. Without nuclear, the UK will not meet this target on time. And without NNL’s work, the UK nuclear sector cannot deliver what is required.

Whether it is accelerating the UK’s demonstration programme for Advanced Modular Reactors or delivering our first sustainable indigenous supply of medical radioisotopes since the 1960s, NNL will be at the forefront of game-changing advances that will help to transform the environment and people’s lives, now and into the future.

And it is our people here at NNL who will be driving this forward, supported by our customers and partners in government, academia and the private sector both in the UK and worldwide.