National Nuclear Laboratory


NNL believes an effective quality management system is essential to achieving our vision to deliver world-leading nuclear expertise and innovative solutions. NNL’s primary goal is to be assured of the quality of the expert, impartial advice, technical work, and innovative sustainable solutions we offer to our customers and stakeholders

What you can expect from us:

  1. Leadership commitment will establish, maintain and continuously develop a strong quality culture that recognises the importance of addressing quality risks and opportunities enabling the effectiveness of NNL’s management system in achieving improved results, that are commercially viable and sustainable and prevent negative effects.
  2. NNL will develop partnerships with customers, suppliers, regulators and other interested parties to ensure a clear and common understanding of quality expectations and requirements.
  3. NNL will establish robust, efficient processes in a controlled management system, to deliver services and products consistently.
  4. NNL will ensure our operations always comply with new and changing legislative, regulatory and other requirements.
  5. NNL will develop capabilities and ensure that all activities are adequately resourced and carried out by competent people.
  6. NNL will react to all quality non-conformances, seek to understand, control and correct, ensure ratification and the effectiveness of actions taken, and share lessons learnt.
  7. NNL will establish and monitor quality objectives and improvement targets, taking corrective action where appropriate.
  8. NNL will retain certification to relevant international standards, such as ISO 9001, whilst adopting standards, excellence tools, and continuously improving to enhance our processes and activities.

What we expect from you:

  1. Employees, through training and development, will proactively improve the effectiveness of the NNL management system to ensure our planned operations, products and services consistently meet our customers’ requirements, and quality is consistently improved.
  2. Understand the quality expectations and applicable requirements of our customers, regulators and partner organisations, to ensure our operations, products and services consistently satisfy all requirements by designing and delivering products and services that are commercially viable and sustainable.
  3. Employees will be suitably trained to use NNL’s management system to ensure all required documentation is established, maintained and regularly reviewed enabling continual improvement.
  4. Employees will ensure required documentation reflects applicable legislation, applicable site licence conditions and other relevant mandatory requirements.
  5. Employees will be suitably trained and assessed to ensure that they are SQEP to undertake their allocated tasks.
  6. Employees will promptly report all non-conformances on OSHENS. As required, support investigations, apply corrective actions confirming via an effectiveness review the quality issue is addressed and reoccurrence mitigated.
  7. Employees will support and deliver specific and measurable activities that deliver continuous quality improvements.
  8. Employees will participate in quality audits and reviews, to ensure our operations, products and services consistently satisfy all requirements, and quality is continually improved.

This Policy will be reviewed regularly and updated as required to ensure it is effective and reflects the business needs. NNL expects all to operate in accordance with NNL’s values and behaviours, and adhere to this policy. The implementation of this Quality Policy and key monitoring activities will be detailed in the EHSS&Q and Delivery Operations Policy Implementation Matrix.

You can download a copy of our Quality policy by clicking on this link.