National Nuclear Laboratory


We believe that the effective management of our security and safeguards performance is central to our success.

Our primary goal

To ensure that assets in our care (including people) are appropriately protected, so they are available to the business when required. By ensuring access only to those people with legitimate needs, we will control these assets.

How we will achieve our goal

  • Embed a culture that:
    • recognises the importance of effective security
    • sets clear expectations for employees
    • encourages continual improvement through benchmarking, adopting best practice and learning from events
  • Make sure that our operations always comply with new and changing legal, regulatory and other requirements
  • Establish and comply with ONR approved Nuclear Site Security Plans, to prevent:
    • the unauthorised removal (theft) of nuclear material
    • the sabotage of nuclear premises and nuclear material in transport
  • Establish a robust information security framework to minimise the risk to the confidentiality, integrity and availability of any sensitive nuclear, commercial or personal information
  • Implement robust business continuity arrangements to minimise the potential impact to our business from unexpected or external events

How we will measure our performance

  • Annual security targets and objectives
  • Audits and reviews, to monitor security across the organisation

You can download a copy of our Security policy by clicking on this link.