National Nuclear Laboratory

Working at NNL

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Science that changes society. Discoveries that answer the world’s biggest questions. World-class facilities, incredible materials, a community of passionate experts and the opportunity to be a force for good. You’ll find it all at NNL.

What we do at NNL

Clean energy

We are helping the UK reach its climate goals by looking at new ways to develop and deploy advanced nuclear technologies.

Nuclear medicine

We’re advancing research in nuclear medicine to help develop the way conditions are diagnosed and treated.

Environmental restoration

We’re working to ensure our impact on the environment is minimal and we’re finding innovative ways to treat and dispose of waste.

Security and safeguarding

We provide expert guidance on the safe handling and storage of nuclear materials to organisations across the globe.

Diversity and inclusion

At NNL we are working to ensure we have an inclusive workplace that attracts, retains, and develops diverse talent. Although it’s difficult to unpick the structural inequalities still prevalent in our society, we know that as a purpose-led organisation, we are part of the society that we serve and therefore we must be part of the solution.

Our comprehensive Equality, Diversity and Inclusion (EDI) programme is steered by leaders across all areas of our business, as well as Trade Union representatives, all of whom are working to make sure ED&I is embedded throughout our processes. Anyone can volunteer to be an ED&I Ambassador and advocate for equality, diversity and inclusion within their team and feed in their specific experience to our programme. We publish our gender pay gap every year, and have targets in place to help us improve gender equality in the nuclear sector.

In March 2021, we were awarded the National Equality Standard (NES) and we’re now working to address the recommendations made by this review.

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